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Geografic location

Geografic location , Distance in km from Szklarska Poręba

Geografic location

Do you wonder where and how you should spend your holidays?
You have a spare weekend and you would like to use your time as intense as possible?
You Are active. You like challenges.
Accept our invitation to Szklarska Poręba.

Szklarska Poręba is situated in the south-western part of Poland, almost at the meeting point of the borders of three countries: Poland, Czech Republic and Germany, in Karkonosze and Izery mountain range, in Jelenia Góra district and Lower Silesia Province.
The city is picturesquely located at the bottom of Szrenica mountain (1362m above sea level).

Szklarska Poręba is the best maintained and managed center for winter sports in Poland. The city is situated at the altitude of 440 – 886m a.s.l. and borders directly with the Czech Republic (border crossing Szklarska Poręba – Jakuszyce / Harrachov). Enormous tourist advantages and favorable location in the vicinity of large central European cities: Prague 139km away, Vienna 280km, Wrocław 140km (each of them has an international airport) as well as in the neighborhood of Polish-Czech (8km) and Polish-German (71km) border crossings, makes Szklarska Poręba an attractive centre in both tourist and economic respect. Szklarska Poręba is regarded one of the best tourist centers in Poland.


Climatic and relaxation advantages of Szklarska Poręba allow for an active way of spending your free time not only in winter season, but practically all year round, by offering hiking along tourist trails, the network of mount bike paths and the rich offer of cultural activities, preserving an old tradition of an artistic colony.


Around Szklarska Poręba there are ca. 100 km marked trails. From their hub in the heart of the town, the particular paths: the red, blue, green, black and yellow one, run in a shape of a star towards the Karkonosze and Góry Izerskie mountains. The main part of Karkonosze belongs to the Karkonoski National Park, which was declared by  UNESCO  one of the World Biosphere Reserves (Karkonosze/Krkonose). When hiking along the mountain paths, you will recognize the beauty of this part of the Sudetes, and the direct contact with the Nature will leave unforgettable impressions. In particular, the region of the nature reserves (Snieżne Kotły and Hala Izerska) will uncover some unique vegetable ecosystems. 

Along the paths you will find the characteristic rocks and rock groups, typical for the Karkonosze mountains, which were fanciful formed by the Nature, as well as beautiful waterfalls (Wodospad Kamieńczyka and Wodospad Szklarki), and excellent lookout points. By good weather conditions you can see panoramas in the circle of more than 100 km in diameter.


Distance in km from Szklarska Poręba


Town Distance


663,03 km


390,18 km
Gdańsk 564,14 km
Gorzów Wielkopolski 273,15  km
Katowice 307,17 km
Kielce 436,95 km
Kraków 382,87 km
Lublin 556,50 km
Łódź 339,53 km
Olsztyn 580,70 km
Opole 212,50 km
Poznań 256,61 km
Rzeszów 546,05 km
Szczecin 375,61 km
Warszawa 474,13 km
132,70 km
 203,78 km
294,14 km





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